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  • ChemStrong Scientific Co., Ltd  is a professional supplier of research products and services in the pharmaceutical industry.

    ChemStrong Scientific Co., Ltd is a leading supplier of high value-added pharmaceutical intermediates, fine chemicals, pharmaceutical reference standards and impurities ,including R&D, production and sales. We are a professional team with creativity and passion, new intermediates and impurities can be provided shortly to satisfy our customers by our synthesis team.

    Currently, Chemstrong has 20 high skilled R&D Staffs with solid organic chemistry knowledge and practical experiences, and cooperated with many laboratories in domestic colleges and universities, which ensures the delivery of organic compounds ranging from micrograms to hundred kilograms on time. The organic reactions we are good at including: nitration, cross-copling reaction, asymmetric hydrogenation , chiral resolution , enzymes catalysis and so on .Our facilities can meet the reaction temperature requirements from -78 degree to 150 degree. Based on many years of R&D in fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals technologies, our team can reduce the cost of the products for our customers after providing advantage synthesis resources and technical services .

    We have established the strategic alliance partnerships with hundreds of pharmaceutical companies and organizations all over the world and achieved high reputation in the field of pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals by provide high quality products and services.

    Chemstrong should be one of your best partners in pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals.

Company Culture

  • Core values

    Cooperation, Sharing leads to bright future.

  • Concept of behavior

    365备用网址Quality first, Integrity based, Customer foremost

  • Company Mission

    To be a respected and famous corporation in the world, make contribution to the development of pharmaceuticals field by our professional, dedicated and concentrated efforts.

Company culture

  • Core values:

    365备用网址Cooperation, Sharing leads to bright future.

    365备用网址Concept of behavior:

    Quality first, Integrity based, Customer foremost

    365备用网址Company Mission:

    To be a respected and famous corporation in the world, make contribution to the development of pharmaceuticals field by our professional, dedicated and concentrated efforts.

Main Business

  • Agent sales brand

    Standard products of the Inspection Institute (CP standard)

    365备用网址Bioaustralis microbial metabolites in Australia

    European Pharmacopoeia Standard (EP standard)

    Swiss Solvias catalyst

    British Pharmacopoeia (BP standard)

    365备用网址Standard Chinese herbal medicine for ChromaDex

    American pharmacopoeia standard (USP standard)

    Standard Chinese herbal medicine for Phytolab

    Standard Japanese Pharmacopoeia (JP standard)

    365备用网址CaroteNature carotenoid standard in Switzerland

    British Government Chemist laboratory standard (LGC standard)

    365备用网址Standard Chinese herbal medicine for Extrasynthese

    American QCC standard

    British National Institute of biological products standards (NIBSC standard)

    Chemical standard of Toronto, Canada (TRC standard)

    Sigma-Aldrich company in the United States

    365备用网址TLC standard

    365备用网址WHO drug standard

    MOLCAN standard

    365备用网址NIST national standard bureau standard

    India Anant standard

  • Custom-made synthetic separation service for Drug Impurities

    It provides customized synthetic services for various drug impurities, drug intermediates and metabolites, and provides technical services for drug impurities, natural products, microbiological metabolites, separation and purification / structural identification.

    Import and export agency business

    Shenzhen Zhen Qiang Bio Technology Co., Ltd. has the right to import and export, and can provide professional import and export business agent at a reasonable price and fast delivery according to the customer's request. Import and export business agents include imported brand reagents, overseas listed products and instrument consumables.

  • One-off import and evaluation of reference preparation

    We have many legal and compliance suppliers in the United States, Canada and Japan. We can provide you with the reference preparations and related technical support for the evaluation of drug consistency, and have many successful cases.

Job Openings

Talent is the source, creativity and driving force of the development of enterprises. It is the key to the healthy development of enterprises and the implementation of strategy. Our company's human resources management focuses on the concept of "people-oriented", "pioneering and innovative" and "establishing a positive learning organization".

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